The revolutionary Brain Pipes Technology for Plumbing

Plumbing will never be the same

As you know we are a tech blog and we love to check out and blog about the latest new tech across multiple industries. For one of our first installments of cool new tech that we have happened upon we want to blog about Brain Pipes. Brain Pipes is a revolutionary technology for the plumbing industry that will change everything and how the plumbing service and new construction industry is approached for the future.

How the most common plumbing problem can be circumvented

Brain pipes is a breakthrough technology for the plumbing industry that has made its own place in the internet of things. This technology has created a system that changes the way plumbing problems will be addressed forever. Brain pipes technology will locate where a pipe is leaking, send a text message to the homeowner, and point out exactly where the leak is. The technology shuts off the main water supply to the property preventing secondary and tertiary damage like water damage or mold damage if it does not get addressed.

How it works

Brain pipes has a monitoring system that can detect the water pressure for every fixture and faucet that dispenses water. If the water pressure drops with sensing a need for water the system has an alarm that goes off. The accompanying app then notifies that person of what is occurring with the plumbing and the shut-off valve is initiated to prevent more damage from happening.


Water Conservation with Brain Pipes

Going green is not just a fad anymore it is a necessity with the growing global population and the limitation of resources on the earth, especially the resource of fresh water. 97% of the surface of the earth is water, but only 1% of that water is fresh drinkable water with the rest of it being salt water. This means that our water conservation efforts must be efficient when thinking about fresh water as a limited resource and we have the ability to do our part when thinking about being earth friendly.

Along with other tips for water conservation such as low flow shower heads, turning the faucet off when brushing our teeth, high-efficiency washing machines, and many more things we can do, brain pipes generates a monthly report on water consumption so that you can determine where your water is being most wasted. Not only is brain pipes an amazing technology for preventing plumbing mishaps that could result in further damage to a property or home, but it is also an amazing tool to be eco-friendly to do our part in caring for the earth.

A money saver

Brain pipes will save money on the plumbing, the conservation of water, and preventing secondary damages as a result of water intrusion. This is a great technology to institute in new construction properties, especially condo buildings, assisted living facilities, and apartment buildings as well. Anyone can see that this technology is one of the most revolutionary ideas to come out in a long time.

Thanks for reading this blog and learning about this new tech for the plumbing industry. Please be on the lookout for more blogs to come your way about cool tech created in the 21st century.